Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 24th November

Nobody seemed to notice that I got my dates all wrong when I accidentally posted this week’s training last week. Rather than doing last week’s training (which was this week’s) again, I thought we should do last week’s planned training this week. So: not this week’s training which we did last week, but last week’s training which we’re going to do this week.

Confused? Good. You’ve hopefully forgotten that I made a mistake. Here’s the plan:

SUNDAY 24th Long run
MONDAY 25th 5 miles steady
TUESDAY 26th 2 X 6 laps (1.5M) tempo run (5 min recovery), 2 x 200m fast 1mile warm up 1mile warm down
WEDNESDAY 27th 5 miles steady
THURSDAY 28th Fartlek 3 miles, 100m to 500m bursts (1mile warm up, 1 mile warm down)
FRIDAY 29th Rest day
SATURDAY 30th Race or easy 5 miles

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