Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 29th March

Training sessions are cancelled. Please follow government and NHS advice about going outside and take care if you decide to – now is not the time to vistit A&E because you’ve tripped over. Below is what we would’ve been doing in other circumstances:

SUNDAY 29th Long run
MONDAY 30th 5 mile steady
TUESDAY 31th 10 X 400m (200m jog recovery) 3 x 150m fast walk back recovery.
WEDNESDAY 1st 3 mile steady
THURSDAY 2nd 5mile Tempo (pace increase after 2 miles)
FRIDAY 3rd rest day
SATURDAY 4th Sustained run

Tuesday’s session could be done on time. e.g. if you run 400m in 90s, find a quiet spot where you don’t need to pass people and do 10x90s fast, with 90s rest in between.

Plan to April

Malcolm writes:

The February and March planning develops a little to add variety into some of the sessions and suggests ways in which steady and tempo runs (of any distance) can be slightly modified to add benefit. These techniques might be applied during a standard run but can also be applied (with self-control during a Park run or race) 

Even when not specified it is assumed a normal warm up program is completed.

 The content of the sessions follows good practice and I do not feel it is necessary at this stage to adopt a two-tier approach. If the sessions are two much then the number of repetitions can be reduced (lower the number or leave out the longest rep in a pyramid), if the content is too low then a repetition can be added, or the speed of the effort increased.

Alternatively, other runs can be added, or the length of runs increased in the week to add mileage.

My observation at the present time is that the effort expended in the group sessions is about right and the “challenge” is about right. A long run, two group sessions and a race or tempo run is plenty ( without the support of lottery funding) and if this is done in a week you should need recovery days.

The mileage (if fully followed) is the same at 35+ miles / week. It is appreciated that this is not possible for all athletes and will vary from runner to runner, This is not a problem as recovery from the sessions completed is very important. 

I will clarify the new points as we meet

SUNDAY 5th Long run
MONDAY 6th 5 mile steady
TUESDAY 7th 4 X 800m (400m jog recovery) 3 x 200m fast walk back recovery
WEDNESDAY 8th 3 mile steady
THURSDAY 9th 5 mile Fartlek (short 100m – 300m efforts) 1mile w/u 1mile w/d
FRIDAY 10th rest day
SATURDAY 11th Race or sustained run

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