Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 27th July

After good turnouts over the last couple of weeks, we round out July’s much needed return to group training with an – uh – “interesting” week: Rolling 200m on Tue and a pyramid-ish session on Thur. In other times this might cause us to question the sanity of both those coaching and those running. But, it’s 2020, so we’re used to the unprecedented.

This week’s Wythenshawe sessions:

  • Tuesday: 20 x 200m with 1 min recovery.
  • Thursday: 2 x 200m, 400m, 800m, 1200, 800m 400m, 2 x 200m. Target 5k pace, 2 min rolling jog rec.

No changing, no toilets – Contact Malcolm, Debbie or Chris before attending.

Don’t worry if you training has taken a back seat recently, we can adapt the sessions for you – running with others is great for motivation.


  • Include one longer run (up to 10ml) once every 2 weeks.
  • Include a 4 mile tempo run on alternative weeks (85% of race pace)


The disruption of our Spring and Summer objectives presents a number of challenges. More here.

  • There are zero official competitions to focus on
  • It’s too early to start a period aimed at competition in early 2021 – progression will increase intensity too excessively
  • July and August should be a period of lower intensity so this is an opportunity to trial a number of new session structures.

The proposal is to commence a four month training period with progression of mileage, volume and pace in September. This year there will be modifications to the plan regarding recoveries, length of repetitions and target pace.

Due to the recent issues the crucial element of hill runs could not be exploited in early Spring and this form of session will be added. This is also a good opportunity to experiment with pace, heart rate analysis and cycle lengths.

The training mix will comprise of Steady and Tempo runs, long runs, Long and medium intervals, Style Sprints and Hill runs (not in the same week!). Variety with a number of paces.


Not specified but as this is normally a competitive part of the year (both on the track and the road)

Aim at a comfortable mileage for your circumstances, I expect this will typically be 20 -25 miles a week but higher for those with half marathon and marathon targets. In addition to the Tuesday and Thursday training sessions

We will attempt to arrange a group hill session during July

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