Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 21.3.2022

As some of you may know, Malc has asked me (Alex Masidlover) to start setting the Senior Mens’ Sessions. The program splits the season into; Half-Marathon/Marathon training in spring, track and 5-10KM training in early summer and then XC training in autumn/winter. That being said we will be looking to produce excellent running economy throughout the year (which will help all distances from 3km and upwards) and we’ll be throwing in some work on uphill, downhill and uneven terrain all year apart from spring in order to help with cross country and with those looking to do fell races. I’m more than happy to build in other things on request and can accommodate requests for specific events coming up.

Please be aware this is a series of sessions for the group; its not a training plan for an individual athlete – if you want to create your own simple training plan around these sessions then I suggest; use the 80:20 Rule (a version of the Pareto principle suggested by Stephen Seiler meaning that 80% of endurance training should be very easy with only 20% being hard) – this will mean that athletes should be doing two hours easy running in addition to each of the ‘main’ sessions – so if you do all 3 of these sessions each week you should be doing at least 6 hours very easy running in addition to that. Make sure you add strength and conditioning work – it doesn’t do a huge amount (if anything) for performance, but does reduce injury rates. Finally, add in a recovery week every 4 – 6 weeks (a recovery week should be at most 60% of the volume of a standard week) and ensure you taper before key races.

I’ll be updating the training guidelines over the next couple of weeks; but I use fundamentally the same principles as Malc so there will be no huge shift in focus.

Sessions for w/c 21/3/2022

Technical Focus: Relax shoulders/Arm Drive

Fitness Focus: LTP and AeT improvement

Tuesday session: Warm up, 3x 2km @ Half Marathon or Marathon Pace (2 mins easy in between each), Cool Down

Thursday Session: Warm up w/technique drills, 40:20 (Power Hour variation), Cool down

Sunday Session: Fast-Finish Long Run – long(ish) easy run with last few km at next race pace.

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