Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 11.4.2022

This week our technical focus is on ground contact time – we work on this with exercises that are plyometric in nature and start to improve the speed of the stretch-shorten-cycle of the muscles in the lower leg. We avoid any conscious attempt to reduce ground contact time when actually running as this will often lead to a bouncy run and thus wasted energy.

From a fitness perspective it is our last week focusing on the longer races (half marathon and marathon) so we’re still looking to increase Lactate Threshold; the pyramid session is a nicew way to get some variety and, if done well, leads to the two longest intervals being done at a higher pace than if all the intervals had been the same length.

Suggested Drills for the week

Straight Leg Run

High Cadence ‘fall’ into run – Start by jogging on the spot, increase the running cadence until running fast then lean forwards and allow the jog on spot to naturally turn into a run. Aim to lean forward from the ankle and not the hips.

Hopping for 30m – left leg a third of the way across the ‘D’, right leg on the way back – back and forth twice

Strides while imagining a balloon tied to your head and lifting it up.

Strides while focusing on keeping your out-breath long and slow and relaxing/dropping your shoulders.

Tuesday Session

10 minutes warm-up, 40 minutes effort, 10 minutes easy. Efforts should be slightly slower than half-marathon pace.

Thursday Session

5 minutes easy

Straight Leg Run

High Cadence ‘fall’ into run



Pyramid – 400. 800, 1600, 800, 400 with 400 m easy between each. Efforts at 3km pace.


Sunday Session

Hills ( 6x 3 mins + jog back down)

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