Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 25.4.2022

This week our technical focus is on keeping hips high and stable so we don’t waste energy moving our torsos up and down.

Fitness focus is still on VO2 Max in order to power through 5 and 10km races – those of you who did last weeks sessions will notice this is a gradual progression from last week. For some background on the Tuesday session I

Suggested Drills for the week


Heels Up running – lift the heel towards your bottom, but ensure you are driving forward with your knee so as not to extend the foot out backwards

Walking Lunges

Strides while imagining a balloon tied to your head and lifting it up.

Tuesday Session

15 mins warm up

6 minutes of run fast* for a count of 20 breaths, walk for 10 breaths (repeating this cycle for 5 minutes) THEN 4 minutes easy running

* fast – this should be a reasonably smooth acceleration to your maximum pace. By the end of the 6 minutes it will feel EXTREMELY challenging.

REPEAT the above three times

15 mins Cool Down

For background see here.

Thursday Session

5 mins easy


TWO TIMES: 1200 @ 85% VO2 Max Pace*, 400 easy jog, 800 @ 85% VMP, 2-3 mins recovery

* for a rough approximation of 85% VO2 Max Pace use somewhere between Marathon and Threshold pace from a Jack Daniel’s VDOT Chart.

Observed Strides

5 mins cool down

This is a variation on a main set I describe here.

Sunday Session

Long easy run – strides at the end of each mile (apart from the last one)

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