Athlete of the year 2019

Kevin Dillon

The club is once again to make an award to one female and one male member of the senior section who is considered to be the outstanding athlete of the year, following the popularity of previous years’ awards. This will take the form of a tankard and, in order to make a representative choice, I am asking all members of the senior section to vote for the member they consider deserves the award most.

The choice does not necessarily have to be a club champion. Factors worthy of consideration would include a substantial improvement over the year, an outstanding result in a particular meeting, or you may like to consider a contribution to the coaching side of the club or a member who has represented the club in a manner deserving of recognition. Members aged at least 15 years can make nominations. Awards will be made at the Christmas Handicaps on 22nd December and nominations will be accepted on the day.

Vote here:

Alternatively, you can send your nominations to Kevin Dillon

  • By post to 22 Ashdene Road, Withington, Manchester M20 4WX
  • By email to

Previous winners were:

Alison Morris (1997), Debbie Beresford (1998, 2003 and 2005), Lindsay Wraxall (1999), Emma McIntyre (2000), Jean Skitt (2001 and 2010), Lynne Schofield (2002), Brenda Bradshaw (2004), Holly Thomas (2006), Cara Kavanagh (2007), Charlotte Holmes (2008), Anousheh Mahjoob (2009), Karen Spilsbury (2011), Wendy Woodhead (2012), Gemma Hopley (2013), Emma Tolond (2014), Melanie Barber (2015 and 2016), Caroline Baba (2017) and Alice Stiles (2018).

Tony Keller (1987), Chris O’Brien (1988), Dave Gee (1989), George Lawson (1990), Frank Bradley (1991), Tony MacDonald (1992), Joe Moran (1993), Steve Yates (1994), Mike Cunningham (1995), Carl Summers (1996 and 2011), Mike Morris (1997), Peter Ferguson (1998), Vic Blanchard and Achim Schüle (joint award in 1999), Arnold Bradshaw (2000), Andy Donnelly (2001), Andy Skitt (2002 and 2009), Aaron Rodger (2003), Ciaran Fitzpatrick (2004), Phil Holmes (2005), Kes Salmon (2006 and 2015), David Henshaw (2007), Liam Bartlett (2008), Mikey Fennell (2010), Ed Fazakerley (2012 and 2018), Julian Ernst (2013), Jason Brogan (2014), Ian Fennell (2016) and Matt Coxon (2017).

Black Knights Charge Wed 23rd July

7 ladies from Manchester Harriers completed the trail run around Daisy Nook park, lovely trails, lots of hills, off road sections and a really great route. The results were
Sonya Hynes  13th lady 50.16min came 87th
Alyson Adams 3rd lady vet 45,  56.58min  came 135th
Debbie Beresford 4th lady vet 45, 58.14min came 141st
Jodie Norton 40th lady, 59.32min came 149th
Kathryn Holmes 5th Lady vet 45, 59.41min came 151st
Maria Royal 2nd lady 55, 1:01:21min came 159th
Tracy Livesey 8th vet 45 lady, 1:04:24min came 166th (with a very bad back)

Great run by all and hot pot at the finish.
Well done

We Love Mcr 10k Results

Club results below:

First Name Surname Gender Position Category Category Position Chip Time Chip Position
Jason Brogan 101 M40+ 9 00:41:30 117
Jonathan Reeh 133 MOPEN 99 00:42:35 153
Chris Sewart 147 MOPEN 109 00:42:37 156
Kevin Logue 235 MOPEN 158 00:45:06 271
Graham Saunders 256 MOPEN 167 00:45:31 295
Denis Kelly 338 M45+ 35 00:47:09 412
Elaine Brogan 316 F40+ 58 00:56:05 1231
Jo Fallows 308 F40+ 57 00:58:09 1387
Rhian Maguire 566 F45+ 60 01:04:29 1821

Full results here