Athlete of the year 2019

Kevin Dillon

The club is once again to make an award to one female and one male member of the senior section who is considered to be the outstanding athlete of the year, following the popularity of previous years’ awards. This will take the form of a tankard and, in order to make a representative choice, I am asking all members of the senior section to vote for the member they consider deserves the award most.

The choice does not necessarily have to be a club champion. Factors worthy of consideration would include a substantial improvement over the year, an outstanding result in a particular meeting, or you may like to consider a contribution to the coaching side of the club or a member who has represented the club in a manner deserving of recognition. Members aged at least 15 years can make nominations. Awards will be made at the Christmas Handicaps on 22nd December and nominations will be accepted on the day.

Vote here:

Alternatively, you can send your nominations to Kevin Dillon

  • By post to 22 Ashdene Road, Withington, Manchester M20 4WX
  • By email to

Previous winners were:

Alison Morris (1997), Debbie Beresford (1998, 2003 and 2005), Lindsay Wraxall (1999), Emma McIntyre (2000), Jean Skitt (2001 and 2010), Lynne Schofield (2002), Brenda Bradshaw (2004), Holly Thomas (2006), Cara Kavanagh (2007), Charlotte Holmes (2008), Anousheh Mahjoob (2009), Karen Spilsbury (2011), Wendy Woodhead (2012), Gemma Hopley (2013), Emma Tolond (2014), Melanie Barber (2015 and 2016), Caroline Baba (2017) and Alice Stiles (2018).

Tony Keller (1987), Chris O’Brien (1988), Dave Gee (1989), George Lawson (1990), Frank Bradley (1991), Tony MacDonald (1992), Joe Moran (1993), Steve Yates (1994), Mike Cunningham (1995), Carl Summers (1996 and 2011), Mike Morris (1997), Peter Ferguson (1998), Vic Blanchard and Achim Schüle (joint award in 1999), Arnold Bradshaw (2000), Andy Donnelly (2001), Andy Skitt (2002 and 2009), Aaron Rodger (2003), Ciaran Fitzpatrick (2004), Phil Holmes (2005), Kes Salmon (2006 and 2015), David Henshaw (2007), Liam Bartlett (2008), Mikey Fennell (2010), Ed Fazakerley (2012 and 2018), Julian Ernst (2013), Jason Brogan (2014), Ian Fennell (2016) and Matt Coxon (2017).

Social / Disco

It is Manchester

Harriers Social/Disco Night including Adult and Youngsters Presentation evening on Friday 13th July 2018 at Kingsway Sports Club.
The evening will start at 7pm and we will be presenting the club awards for the 2017/18 cross country and 2017 track and field seasons, along with the Senior Road Championships 2017. The awards will be for all age groups from Under 9 up to and including Vets.
Tickets will be priced at £4 per youngsters/ £8 per adult or £20 for a family ticket and everyone is welcome.
As well as the awards there there will be the usual mix of music, a raffle and we will provide a buffet so not need to bring any food as we have in the past.
Please make an effort to come if at all possible it is usually a good night, it’s a great way to get to know other members/youngsters and a lovely fun evening for all.

***Tickets will be on sale and if possible can you buy before the night, it will help our volunteer organisers to make sure we have buffet for all. ***
To purchase your tickets – see Kes, Debbie, Lindsey, or any of the coaches at training.

Edinburgh Festival Weekend

After having such a fabulous time last year, I volunteered (with a little gentle persuasion) to organise our trip again. This year we stayed at the Travel Lodge at Musselburgh as it was available and we had stayed there before.  Hotel was basic but ideal in location & good size rooms. Richard very kindly volunteered his school mini bus & Andrew did the driving & what a bonus it was we could get around & kept costs down.  We travelled up Friday night & grabbed a bite to eat on route from the Westmorland Services which does some great food and arrived about 9.30pm.  We travelled home after the Marathon had ended and all arrived safely back around 9pm so a long but very enjoyable weekend.

Many thanks to all those who joined us and made it a great trip!!!!

The entrants were:

2k – Ed Howell, Evelyn Barber & Lorcan Cronin

5k – Leisha Cronin, Sonya Hynes, Sacha Howell, Ellie Howell, Debbie Beresford, Lesley Loftus & Denis Kelly

10k – Melanie Barber & Mike Cronin

Half Marathon – Diane Frost, Lynn Clarke, Jackie Ellison & Jo Fallows

Marathon – Denis Kelly and Sophie Flanagan

Below are a few personal accounts of a great weekend both competitive racing and a social outing.

As a club we would like to pass on our sincere thanks to the Festival organisers who did an amazing job & helped us greatly with a few entry problems we had and it was very much appreciated, they did us proud and we all thoughly enjoyed the weekend and hope to come back next year!!.


Photos here

So bags packed, running vest check.. Running shorts check… bottle of wine wrapped in running leggings check… we set off Manchester harrier’s road trip to Edinburgh has started.
3 small cans of G&T the mini bus mounts the curb, we take the roundabout on 2 wheels Sonya grabbing on for dear life and no I’m not driving the great Mr Beresford is providing all this excitement. We arrive a short 5 hours later to our hotel.
The Saturday morning off we head to Musselburgh train station (this was our pre run warm up) a leisurely 25 minute ‘endurance ‘ stroll followed by a quick threshold sprint down the platform to catch the train. We arrive at the start for the 10k 5k and junior 2k runs. What an amazing atmosphere even the hairy haggis was out!
We had a great meal that night with the half marathon and marathon runner’s carbing up on their pasta and water while we indulged with pizza and lager.
The weather had been fantastic all day but we went to bed with a weather warning for the Sunday.
Sunday…unbelievably the harriers had once again brought out the sunshine the highland forecast was not too be, it was an early start for the runners but a great mission/adventure for me, Evelyn and Eleanor to get to the finish line to see Jackie finish her half. Back to hotel for quick freshen up and then back to watch marathon and relay runners come in which was emotional. For any future road trip wannabees a tip is too volunteer to be a Marshall for the harriers and bring your free Marshall coat as we Marshalls know “the power of a Marshall jacket” we get too cross wherever we want ha-ha..
Mr B got us all home safe Debbie had made sure we all got to our races and all children were collected and now I can put faces to the names on my email list.
What a fantastic weekend no blood plenty of sweat and a few tears thank you so much
Melanie and Evelyn barber

We had a fantastic time in Edinburgh and we were proud to run under the clubs name.

The support we have received from Debbie and other club members has been amazing.. I truly would not have completed my run without the months of training Debbie has helped me with and amazing Lesley who didn’t let me give up.

Thank you to Andrew for the driving round he did and to Debbie again for the organising of everything. Well done to all who ran.


‘The most memorable parts of the half-marathon was running along Portobello promenade and watching people strolling on the sand with the backdrop of a distant mountainous landscape – beautiful. After the finish, it was great to see a friendly face – my mate Lynn – waiting for me with my bag of warm clothes! In less than an hour we were back at the hotel soaking in a hot bubble bath followed by a nice cuppa tea – absolute bliss and lovely memories!!’


Eleanor and I had a bonnie time in Scotland. We really enjoyed cheering everyone on in the 5k, 10k and kids races. I would recommend the half (or full) marathon, or marathon relay, as the course is picturesque and the crowds are so friendly. We enjoyed spending time with everyone and getting to know other club members better.

Jackie and Eleanor

Annual Dinner Raffle Prizes

There will be a raffle at the Annual Dinner with some fabulous prizes. Tickets will be sold at £5 each before and during the event – see Debbie to buy some.

1st PRIZE – Signed GB Polo Shirt 2012 Olympic top, see attached for all those who signed it, thanks to Kes!
2nd Prize  signed GB Male Vest, signed by Jenny Meadows, Helen Clitheroe and Colin Jackson.
3rd Prize – Athletic Weekly Book – x 2 Great British Runners vol 1
Plus a number of smaller prizes on the day.
If you have friends who want to purchase a ticket, then Debbie will email a copy of their ticket to you once the money has been received