Michael Carolan – Discounted Sports Rehab

Michael Carolan, a club member for 15 years, is offering the following at Sports City:

Injury Assessment and Rehabilitation –

Specialist consultation of specific difficult cases

Action Planning for training and athlete development physically

Physical Screening and functional assessments

Running technique assessment and training

Strength and conditioning

Seminar sessions on training and injury prevention etc

Members will receive a 30% discount on charges. Most are 1-2-1 sessions although some can be booked in a group for
greater discount Please see my website www.michael-carolan.squarespace.com for more information or email Mike directly on mc_sportsrehab@hotmail.co.uk

Michael Carolan MSc BSc (hons) GSR BASRaT UKASC Sports Rehabilitator, Conditioning Specialist and Speed Development Coach

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