Athlete of the year 2018

The club is once again to make an award to one member of the senior section who is considered to be the outstanding athlete of the year, following the popularity of previous years’ awards. This will take the form of a tankard and, in order to make a representative choice, I am asking all members of the senior section to vote for the member they consider deserves the award most. The choice does not necessarily have to be a club champion. Factors worthy of consideration would include a substantial improvement over the year, an outstanding result in a particular meeting, or you may like to consider a contribution to the coaching side of the club or a member who has represented the club in a manner deserving of recognition. Members aged at least 15 years can make nominations. Awards will be made at the Christmas Handicaps on 23rd December. You can submit your nomination here:

Alternatively, you can post your nominations to Kevin Dillon at 22 Ashdene Road, Withington, Manchester M20 4WX (e-mail: or Debbie at 34 Crossefield Road, Cheadle Hulme SK8 5PE or telephone us (Kevin on 07815 876962 or Debbie on 07797 203478). Previous winners were Tony Keller (1987), Chris O’Brien (1988), Dave Gee (1989), George Lawson (1990), Frank Bradley (1991), Tony MacDonald (1992), Joe Moran (1993), Steve Yates (1994), Mike Cunningham (1995), Carl Summers (1996 and 2011), Mike Morris (1997), Peter Ferguson (1998), Vic Blanchard and Achim Schüle (joint award in 1999), Arnold Bradshaw (2000), Andy Donnelly (2001), Andy Skitt(2002 and 2009), Aaron Rodger (2003), Ciaran Fitzpatrick (2004), Phil Holmes (2005), Kes Salmon (2006 and 2015), David Henshaw (2007), Liam Bartlett (2008), Mikey Fennell (2010), Ed Fazakerley (2012), Julian Ernst (2013), Jason Brogan (2014), Ian Fennell (2016) and Matt Coxon (2017).  

The club will also make an award to a member of the ladies’ section. So, if you want to vote for one of our lady members, please do so as above or contact Debbie or Kevin. The previous winners were Alison Morris (1997), Debbie Beresford (1998, 2003 and 2005), Lindsay Wraxall (1999), Emma McIntyre (2000), Jean Skitt (2001 and 2010), Lynne Schofield (2002), Brenda Bradshaw (2004), Holly Thomas (2006), Cara Kavanagh (2007), Charlotte Holmes (2008), Anousheh Mahjoob (2009), Karen Spilsbury (2011), Wendy Woodhead (2012), Gemma Hopley (2013), Emma Tolond (2014), Melanie Barber (2015 and 2016) and Caroline Baba (2017).   

Entries will also be taken in the day.

 Jessica Morrissey wins Young Volunteer of the Year for the North West Region.

Congratulations Jessica. This is your nomination

Jessica has been with the club since she was 8 yrs old, initially competing in Cross Country, Track & Field & any events she could. I have team managed Jess & over the years she has grown in to an amazing individual. She is adorable. In competing she always gave 100%, training hard, always has a smile & never rude or cross. In recently years she has volunteered with us, doing more & more and is a role model to all. Jessica coaches our 7 yrs plus beginners each week, has the leading athletics, coaching assistant & Assistant Official qualifications & has attended the 365 workshop in her spare time. She volunteers for our 2 weeks of Startrack Summer athletics each year, from 10am to 3pm everyday, encouraging the youngsters & mentoring the new leaders from 14yrs. She is always bubbly, eager to help, learns quickly, always happy and smiling even when she fractured her ankle she didn’t moan.

Jessica deserves to win, as she has done so much for the club & never asked for anything from us. She is passionate about athletics and it would boost her confidence and celebrate her volunteering, the club would support this 100%