Manchester Harriers and AC believe that everyone involved in athletics should enjoy their participation and development in safety and security and with protection from abuse, maltreatment or misconduct. Every individual involved in athletics events and programmes is responsible for upholding this belief.

To this end the Club accepts the legal and moral responsibility to provide a duty of care for all people (including children and vulnerable adults) within the sport and to safeguard their welfare, irrespective of age, impairment, gender, racial origin, religious belief and sexual identity.

How we do this is set out in our Welfare Policy:


It is our statutory role that our children and young people continue to be protected and supported through these difficult times. This protection extends to all members of our club. Many people have experienced the effects of lockdown; particularly loneliness, lack of physical contact with friends, family & peers, and the boredom and frustration associated with missing out on activities.

Athletics attracts people of all ages and from all backgrounds. I noted back in March that there was an unprecedented rush to buy shiny new bikes and gym equipment for those that could afford it. Please have serious thoughts to those who were not able to adjust their training routines due to a lack of funds, space or both. Those who attend cross country races or weekly park runs have missed the social aspect and camaraderie generated especially at these events but also at all other races. 

Please seek the help available should you need it by using the links provided below. These are difficult times for many of us, and it is okay to ask for support, so please don’t suffer in silence.

If you have any concerns about any member’s safety, please inform me. Equally if you have concerns about your own well being please get in touch If you believe they are in immediate danger please contact the police.

Organisations that may help are:

Dave Wood, Welfare officer