Team 5K and Time Trials

Lindsey Farrelly has another update on what some of us have been up to:

Lockdown Team 5K

Well done Team B!

24 club members took part in our very first 5k virtual team challenge in May. The challenge saw participants split into six teams of four. Everyone was given a handicap based on their most recently logged 5k/parkrun time. Team members then ran a 5k on a course of their choice at a time of their choice. Our superstar number cruncher and self confessed spreadsheet queen, Caroline B, crunched the numbers and added the team results together. The quickest team, aptly named Team B(rilliant) with a team time of 63 minutes and 19 seconds!

The challenge brought about lots of banter, lots of laughs, hours of endless fun trying to find the quickest courses and some even managed more than one attempt! It was a great way to do something for everybody with juniors, seniors, veterans, speedy runners, distance runners and everyone in between involved!

We’ll be repeating the challenge in the first week of June, this time using May’s 5k times as the starting point.

Individual times
Team results

Thanks to Caroline B for collating the results.

Time Trials

Carl’s athletes have been busy taking part in their own time trials.
U23 athlete Rocco Zaman-Browne ran a very speedy 800m in 1 minute 54 seconds. U17 athletes, Joseph Farrelly, William Finnie and Archie Dyer did a 1 mile time trial achieving 4.47, 5.26 and 5.39 respectively. U15 athlete Tom Farrelly did a 1k time trial in a speedy 3.47.

We’d love to hear what our other athletes have been up to so please let us know.

Still Running

Coronavirus may have stopped us training together and may mean the tracks are closed but we thankfully are still able to exercise on our own and with others from our households. We’re also lucky that many of our coaches are still providing our athletes with training schedules to keep them going.

Whilst the lockdown restrictions have made training for certain events (e.g. throws, jumps) much more difficult, some of our runners have been getting creative.

Lindsey Farrelly has given us an update on what we’ve been up to:

Distance Challenges

The seniors have been trying to follow the excellent training programme set by Malcolm and have also been setting a weekly distance challenge that all club members, young or old, can take part in. Working on a rolling basis the distances consist of 1k, 1 mile, 400m and 10k. The individual challenges are aimed at giving our athletes something to focus on and something to banter about in their various social media groups!

The challenges kick off on the Monday of each week and all runs must be done by the following Sunday. The current challenge is 1 mile and finishes on 17 May. The challenge for w/c 18 May is a little different as we’ll be doing 1k to tie in with the British Milers Club 1k Time Trial  which must be done between 22 and 25 May.

Virtual Races

We’re sad to see some of our favourite races have had to be cancelled but we’re excited to see virtual races popping up each week. We’ve got involved in a few with athletes signing up for Run North West’s virtual lucky dip race, the Forever Manchester 10k and the iconic Tour of Tameside in it’s new virtual format.

If you are getting involved in virtual races send us some photos so we can share them!

Happy running.