Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 15th July

Tue: Because it was so much pain fun last time, we’re back to 800m on the paths across the park between Wythenshawe Rd and Altrincham Rd. 10k pace, jog the short sides (see map). Four loops, aim for consistency without sandbagging: If you did it a fortnight ago and were consistent, you probably weren’t trying hard enough.

Thur: Good news: short. Bad news: fast. 800, 600, 400, 200 with 30s standing rest between them. Take a 5 minute break and repeat once more. If you are feeling super-fit or just insane, feel free to do a 3rd set. Pace: as fast as possible. I can’t make it, but James will be there to keep you honest – and you’ll be there to keep James honest.

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Athlete of the Year 2017

kes and mel

The club is once again to make an award to one member of the senior section who is considered to be the outstanding athlete of the year, following the popularity of previous years’ awards.

This will take the form of a tankard and, in order to make a representative choice, I am asking all members of the senior section to vote for the member they consider deserves the award most.

The choice does not necessarily have to be a club champion. Factors worthy of consideration would include a substantial improvement over the year, an outstanding result in a particular meeting, or you may like to consider a contribution to the coaching side of the club or a member who has represented the club in a manner deserving of recognition. Members aged at least 15 years can make nominations.

Awards will be made at the Christmas Handicaps on 17th December and nominations will be accepted on the day. Alternatively, you can contact Debbie Beresford or Kevin Dillon or simply enter here:

Previous winners were Alison Morris (1997), Debbie Beresford (1998, 2003 and 2005), Lindsay Wraxall (1999), Emma McIntyre (2000), Jean Skitt (2001 and 2010), Lynne Schofield (2002), Brenda Bradshaw (2004), Holly Thomas (2006), Cara Kavanagh (2007), Charlotte Holmes (2008), Anousheh Mahjoob (2009), Karen Spilsbury (2011), Wendy Woodhead (2012), Gemma Hopley (2013), Emma Tolond (2014) and Melanie Barber (2015). Last years Winner was Melanie Barber.

For the gents, previous winners were Tony Keller (1987), Chris O’Brien (1988), Dave Gee (1989), George Lawson (1990), Frank Bradley (1991), Tony MacDonald (1992), Joe Moran (1993), Steve Yates (1994), Mike Cunningham (1995), Carl Summers (1996 and 2011), Mike Morris (1997), Peter Ferguson (1998), Vic Blanchard and Achim Schüle (joint award in 1999), Arnold Bradshaw (2000), Andy Donnelly (2001), Andy Skitt (2002 and 2009), Aaron Rodger (2003), Ciaran Fitzpatrick (2004), Phil Holmes (2005), Kes Salmon (2006 and 2015), David Henshaw (2007), Liam Bartlett (2008), Mikey Fennell (2010), Ed Fazakerley (2012), Julian Ernst (2013) and Jason Brogan (2014) and Ian Fennell (2016).

Enter the 2017 Christmas Handicap: 17 December

15622737_10211982478101096_5150743846134732930_n.jpgIt’s that time of year you’ve all been waiting for again.  Lay off the mulled wine for half an hour, break out the sweaty Santa hat, and get ready for the one, the only….

Manchester Harriers Christmas Handicap

See the flyer here for details.

Enter now to guarantee your place in this most exclusive of events!

By clicking Submit I understand that grumbling about the handicap time I was given for months afterwards may result in loss of hair, friends and possibly marriage.

Startrack Summer Holiday Athletics Academy 1st-12th Aug

Fun athletics for 7-15 year olds – get them away from their screens and outside!

  • Experience a range of athletics events
  • Throw, jump and run
  • Games and competition
  • Meet new friends
  • Free goodie bag

Read about previous Startrack events  including a visit from Tom Lancashire. Entry Form

Where: You don’t have to go all the way to Rio, just Wythenshawe Park Athletic Track, Wythenshawe Road, M23 0AB

When:  Mon 8th –  Fri 12th August, 10am – 3pm

Cost: Just £40 for all five days!  **Limited £15 places if you have a Wythenshawe post code.**

Limited places: Call 07977 203478 , email

Entry form here

Boggart Hole is awful at the best of times

Boggart Mud
Boggart Mud

Manchester League Cross Country Match Three, Snr Men – by James Hinde

We were told to turn back. We were advised not to run. But by now we were settled in the back of Glen’s cab on our way, excited and it was simply too late to turn back wasn’t it? We were confident in our decision, but we weren’t there yet and everyone who was there was leaving.

On arrival we were greeted by the whistling symphony of gale force wind and rain. The mud was deep and in all places. We watched the ladies race for a little, the competitors draped in crusty bog and unidentifiable. In preparation I visited the portaloo, which quite nearly blew over with me sat helplessly inside. We were eventually joined by Darren and Andy who found us huddled in the cab out of the wind. With them, me, Glen, Chris, Mike and John we had a team.

So into our vests and out into the elements for the start of the race. The whistle blew for the start and we thrashed against the bog, trying to stay up-right and out of trouble, mud spattering us from the shoes of those in front. The first short lap was round an uninviting boggy wasteland, relatively straightforward except for a hidden, sharp ditch cruelly inviting you to jump it. I found myself running with John who made a handy windbreak.

The longer lap took us down into what I presume is the hole of Boggart itself. More mud and a difficult camber meant a lot of slipping and a few amusing falls. I watched with hope as John slipped and slid in front of me, but he stayed upright and except for a few occasions in front. A little further back Darren had a fall into the bog, momentarily inconveniencing Chris’s progress. Down we went through a windy trail littered with tree roots. Then up some sharp muddy inclines. Then down a steep bit and up into the crowd and on to the final lap.

The mud was relentless and sapping and the wind brutal. It was all we could do to keep going forward. At one point I hit a small stretch of hard trail and it felt like being carried on the wings of an angel only to be thrown back to the mercy of the bog again. But I was gaining on John now and on a downhill stretch I nudged past. He’d been looking out for me and responded with an unholy sprint up a muddy incline and I was behind again, but not too far back.

At the bit near the end where it drops down then up, then on to the finish, the wise words of Mike an experienced and brilliant runner came to me. He had explained to start our sprint finish before the bottom of the steep incline so as to be into our stride for the final straight. I knew this could be my moment to beat John and I gave it all my heart and soul up that incline with thoughts of glory only to be smacked in the face at the top by an almighty gust of wind, practically ground to a halt, then staggering home behind John, beaten. I’ll get him next time.

We were soon joined by Andy, Chris, Darren, then Glen and we joined up triumphant and with tales of horror. We went to get some warm clothes on knowing Mike would understand. He joined us later having won his age category! As we scraped the mud off our legs by the cab we discussed in animation our glories, tales and what we now deserved to eat and drink later. Boggart Hole is awful at the best of times and at the worst of times it’s just brilliant!

James Hinde

Full results here