Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 5th April

Tuesday – 5 mile steady run with gradual acceleration over the final 2mile to finish at 5K race pace (for final 800m)


  • 5 x 2 mins (2 min jog recovery) 3k pace covering approx. 500m. Breathing indicator: strong, deep and steady, difficult to talk.
  • 2 x 50m fast (walk back/long full recovery).
  • 1 mile warm up / 1 mile warm down.

This is not intended to be an intense anaerobic session, as soon as the runs start to become distressful end the session.

Sunday – 10-12 mile

Also – one or two steady easy runs over 30 minutes


This schedule again focuses on 5k/10k conditioning. It is assumed that target races will not occur before the end of the Summer.

Your aerobic base will have developed well over the lockdown and it is now time to introduce some strength through hill and some threshold intervals. Hill sessions are important and will be arranged.

Mileage Target 40+ maintaining a strong aerobic content. Weekly mileage is presented as an example, however individual athlete norms can be discussed.

It is advised to include 1-2 steady easy runs over 30 minutes every 7 days.

All track and interval sessions should include a minimum of 1mile w/u and 1mile w/d.

Training Update – We’re back!

Social distancing still applies.

Please contact your coach before turning up.

Sportcity Manchester

From Monday 29th March. Training is only available outside. Please contact your coach before turning up.

Wythenshawe training 

From Tuesday 30th March, 6pm to 7pm, all groups. 

Seniors may need to train off track to make space for youngsters and must to book using these links:

If you’ve not received your Membership renewal, please ask. There’s a discount if you renew before 1st April 2020.

Training and Fixtures Update – March 2021

We have a provisional plan for returning to group training – please check again nearer the time:

  • For athletes who train at Sportcity Manchester: from Monday 29th March. Training is only available outside initially.
  • Wythenshawe training commences on Tuesday 30th March, 6pm to 7pm, all groups.  Seniors need to book on all sessions using these links: Tuesday and Thursday and may need to train on road as we’ll prioritise younger athletes for space on the track.

Please contact your coach before turning up.

If you’ve not received your Membership renewal, please ask. There’s a discount if you renew before 1st April 2020.

Fixtures update below with some dates for the track and field leagues:

Training Cancelled – 4th Jan 2021

Hi All

There will be no training for all age groups at either of our venues until further notice. Adults can train in their bubbles, with one other person or on their own. Please can I ask that you all adhere to the lockdown and take care, we want you all back training as soon as we can and I will email once we have any update or changes.

Please see link below for further guidance:

Thank you as always for your support.
Regards Debbie

Debbie Beresford

Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 4th Jan

Note: There are no seniors’ endurance training sessions due to current Covid rules.

We’re on week four of the Aerobic training phase of our training plan:

  • Long Run (1-2 hours, steady, relaxed “slow”)
  • 7th  – 30 mins “Out and Back”
  • 9th  – Steady 45 minute run, just below Anaerobic with jog w/u and w/d
  • Jog run (as long as possible)

“Out and back” is:

  1. Warm-up for a mile or so.
  2. Run “out” for 15 mins at a comfortably fast pace – you should still be able to talk for 30s
  3. Run “back” at a slightly faster pace. You should get back to the start in about 14min 30s
  4. Warm down for a mile or so

Choose a relatively flat route – running “back” downhill is missing the point!


Winter training guidelines are here.

  • 4 days a week
  • 5 phases
  • Each phase focusses on a key strength: Aerobic, Strength, Anaerobic, Integration of phases and Preparation for races.
  • Builds in a base for races in the Spring and Summer.

Phase 1 – Aerobic

  • 10-12 weeks
  • Objective: Develop the Aerobic capacity of the athlete as a foundation to later apply Anaerobic stimuli.
  • In this phase you CANNOT run to slowly, but it is possible to run to fast.
  • Recovery is as important as running.

You should be able to talk for 30s whilst running- slow down or take recovery if you can’t.

Training Cancellations – 30th Dec 2020

  • Club training sessions continue for under 18s or those on the Elite pathway.
  • All other organised training sessions are cancelled. 

Hi Athletes, Parents, Coaches and helpers

It has been a while since my last update, as you will be aware the Government announced that we are going into Tier 4 from 31st Dec 2020. I have been liaising with Manchester CC on venue access and currently both Wythenshawe Track and Manchester Regional Athletic Arena (Sportcity);

Sportcity Manchester – all those athletes who train on Mon/Weds from 7pm with Mikey, Ian, Kes, Lance, Amari and Jack, training is only available outside for those under 18 years of age or on the Elite pathway with UKA. Please liaise with your coach before turning up at training as they will update you on sessions. Same training costs apply as prior to lockdown.

Wythenshawe training – Commences on TUESDAY 5TH JANUARY 2021 from 6pm to 7pm, SESSIONS ARE CURRENTLY FOR UNDER 18 YEARS ONLY ON THE TRACK.   Please note if you do not have a training pass it is £1 per session to train for all members, please bring it with you, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR COACH PRIOR TO ARRIVAL TO CHECK ARRANGEMENTS.
It is important that all athletes liaise with their coaches prior to arrival as we must be aware who is arriving for training due to ratio’s, especially for the younger athletes. 


Guidance update (updated 24 December) – Athletics & Running (

See current guidance and note when running you can only run with one other person if you are a senior and this is only outdoors in an open space and NOT on a track.

All Indoor Athletics, Road Races and Cross Country leagues/events have been cancelled until further notice.  Please liaise with your coach on any competition as they will be able to advise you.

Take care and stay safe, if you have any queries do contact me either via phone or email. Thanks, I am sorry to have to email this news to you all and will update asap if any changes to our tier status with new info.

Regards Debbie

Debbie Beresford

2019 Road Championship – Awards

We didn’t manage to get together for an awards night this year. A few of the winners did get together for a picture:

Lindsey, Debbie and Maria


  • Lindsey Farrelly – Women’s Champion,
  • Wendy Woodhead – 1st FV35,
  • Maria Royal – 1st FV60,
  • Debbie Beresford – 1st FV50
  • Mark Jones – Men’s Champion,
  • Maurice Oldham – 1st MV65,
  • Craig Turner – 1st MV50,
  • Kevin Dillon – 1st MV60
  • Arnold Bradshaw – 1st MV70.

Given the lack of races this year we’re rolling the 2020 and 2021 Senior Road Race Championships into one so any races you did manage will still count. Rules here: Senior Road Running Championship

2019 Calculations below.