Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 30th Aug

Tuesday 31st August

(3 min [3k effort] 1min [800m effort]) x 4 – one min walk recovery between sets.

Thursday 2nd  September

2 x 5 x 400m 200 jog rec, 5 min between sets

Saturday 3 ml tempo run

Sunday Long 60+ minute easy run 

Other 1 or 2 steady 30+ min runs


This schedule again focuses on 5k/10k conditioning. Details here.

This phase continues to assume that each week includes a long (1hr – 2hr) very easy run – nominally on Saturday or Sunday. In addition to this a park run tempo run on Saturday is assumed.

Milage can be assumed to be as much as practical but essentially at easy or jog pace, pace is not a good indicator of benefit, feeling is. These runs are required for the develop of aerobic systems 

It is advised to include 1-2 steady easy runs over 30 minutes during every 7 days. 

All track and interval sessions should include a minimum of 1mile w/u and 1mile w/d

It is assumed that on Thursday there will be an opportunity to use the track. Tuesday will allow more path and field terrain. These sessions can be transposed.

Pace indicators:

  • 10K 50mins 8min/mile
  • 55mins 8.50min/mile

This is a pace at which it is difficult to hold a conversation

  • 5k 20-22mins 6.30-7min/mile
  • 3k 12.00min 800m in 3.12mins
  • 14.00min 800m in 3.44min

Please book your sessions here: Tuesday Thursday

New Club Records

Earlier this year Amari compiled a list of club records. Given how long Manchester Harriers has been going for, we thought we wouldn’t need to update it much. We were wrong. He’s been keeping track of results and the last couple of months has seen hard work in training pay off with a slew of club records being broken:

  • Daniel Akinradewo – Men’s and U17 Boys Triple Jump at 14.26m on 10th July.
  • William Brown – U17 boys’ 400m in 51.2 on 4th July.
  • Isabella Danson-Chappel – U17 Girls’ Javelin Throw at 23.52m on 4th July.
  • Osaretin Ekhoragbon – U17 Boys’ 100m in 11.2 and 200m in 21.92 on 1st August and 10th July.
  • Joseph Farrelly – U20 Men’s 5000m in 16:11.3 on 4th July.
  • Georgia Fazakerley – Women’s and U20 Women’s 400m Hurdles in 1:16.3 on 4th July.
  • Oluwatunmidalola Kajopaye – U15 Girls’ Discus Throw at 20.16m on 17th July.
  • Amari Kamali Turner – U20m Men’s 400m Hurdles, High Jump and Shot Put at 1:04.2, 1.65m and 7.40m on 4th July, 1st August and 24th July.

Startrack – Week 1

Week 1 of our Startrack Athletic Summer Sessions went very well with 50 youngsters attending and trying out lots of Run, Jump and Throws activities. Lots of Awards, certificates, medals and enthusiasm.  Massive thank you to all our volunteer leaders and coaches for all their hard work. Roll on Week 2 next week.