Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 29th July

This week’s training theme is: “Running”.

Tue – Laps of the ‘Sizzler’ loop – see map below. Run the red sections at ~5K pace.  Fast jog the yellow sections. At the end of the lap, no rest, just change directions. 4, 5 or 6 laps.

We’ll naturally split into a couple of groups. Practice making it look easy as you pass the other group going the other way 🙂

Thur – Track speed session:

1: 3 x 200m / 200m / 800m – 200m jog between reps, 400m jog between sets

2: 4 x 200m / 200m / 800m – 200m jog between reps, 400m jog between sets

3: 4 x 400m / 800m – 400m jog recovery

Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 22nd July

A few people have noted they struggle with the heat whilst pursuing their international racing careers in hotter countries…and a some of us find it “a bit hard work” going for a jog whilst on holiday.

So, we’ve organised a special “heat acclimatisation” training week:

Tue – Steady run around the park in ~30°C heat. Seriously: bring some water and take it easy.

Thur – Sale Sizzler 5K Race 3, 7.30pm. As close as Manchester gets to sizzling at ~27°C.

Note: no training at Wythenshawe on Thur because of Sizzler race.

Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 15th July

Tue: Because it was so much pain fun last time, we’re back to 800m on the paths across the park between Wythenshawe Rd and Altrincham Rd. 10k pace, jog the short sides (see map). Four loops, aim for consistency without sandbagging: If you did it a fortnight ago and were consistent, you probably weren’t trying hard enough.

Thur: Good news: short. Bad news: fast. 800, 600, 400, 200 with 30s standing rest between them. Take a 5 minute break and repeat once more. If you are feeling super-fit or just insane, feel free to do a 3rd set. Pace: as fast as possible. I can’t make it, but James will be there to keep you honest – and you’ll be there to keep James honest.

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