Annual General Meeting 2021

Our next Annual General Meeting is on Monday 22nd February at 7pm. The agenda is here:

All members are invited and we’ll be running it online using Zoom.

Please let Debbie Beresford, Brenda Bradshaw or David Gregory know if you intend joining the meeting so that we can send you the details two days prior to the meeting.

Also, the updated fixture list is here:

Training Cancelled – 4th Jan 2021

Hi All

There will be no training for all age groups at either of our venues until further notice. Adults can train in their bubbles, with one other person or on their own. Please can I ask that you all adhere to the lockdown and take care, we want you all back training as soon as we can and I will email once we have any update or changes.

Please see link below for further guidance:

Thank you as always for your support.
Regards Debbie

Debbie Beresford

Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 4th Jan

Note: There are no seniors’ endurance training sessions due to current Covid rules.

We’re on week four of the Aerobic training phase of our training plan:

  • Long Run (1-2 hours, steady, relaxed “slow”)
  • 7th  – 30 mins “Out and Back”
  • 9th  – Steady 45 minute run, just below Anaerobic with jog w/u and w/d
  • Jog run (as long as possible)

“Out and back” is:

  1. Warm-up for a mile or so.
  2. Run “out” for 15 mins at a comfortably fast pace – you should still be able to talk for 30s
  3. Run “back” at a slightly faster pace. You should get back to the start in about 14min 30s
  4. Warm down for a mile or so

Choose a relatively flat route – running “back” downhill is missing the point!


Winter training guidelines are here.

  • 4 days a week
  • 5 phases
  • Each phase focusses on a key strength: Aerobic, Strength, Anaerobic, Integration of phases and Preparation for races.
  • Builds in a base for races in the Spring and Summer.

Phase 1 – Aerobic

  • 10-12 weeks
  • Objective: Develop the Aerobic capacity of the athlete as a foundation to later apply Anaerobic stimuli.
  • In this phase you CANNOT run to slowly, but it is possible to run to fast.
  • Recovery is as important as running.

You should be able to talk for 30s whilst running- slow down or take recovery if you can’t.