Primary Schools Cross Country League 2016/7

Matches for the 2016/17 season are set out below each starting at 10am:

Saturday 17th September 2016

Saturday 8th October 2016

Saturday 19th November 2016

Saturday 21rd January 2017

Saturday 4th February 2017 (including Parents/Teachers race at 11:00am and end of season awards at 11:30am)

Saturday 4th March 2017 – Relays

There are further details on  the flyer here on how the event is run which can be displayed in school and/or passed onto your youngsters.

Further details are available here. If your school wishes to take part or you wish to be added to the mailing list then please get in touch using the form on that page. Even if your school doesn’t have a full team you will still be most welcome.

The course has been amended to take in to account requests from other park users in particular the users of the baseball/softball pitch close to which our previous start/finish line was located.

New course map is here