Sale Sizzler 2 – Club Results


49 17:47 David Gee SB V60 M
95 18:59 Maurice Oldham SB V60 M
116 19:33 James Hinde PB V40 M
139 19:59 Jason Brogan V40 M
141 20:03 Chris Sewart V35 M
170 20:52 Darren Cooper PB SEN M
177 20:56 Sonya Hynes PB SEN W
181 20:59 Emma Tolond PB SEN W
208 21:24 Graham Saunders V35 M
267 22:45 Denis Kelly V45 M
280 22:56 Sophie Flanagan SEN W
287 23:06 Richard O’Regan SB V45 M
317 23:59 Ann McLaughlin PB V50 W
344 25:23 Maria Royal V55 W
364 26:21 Caroline Baba V35 W
376 27:11 Jeanette Chesterton SB V50 W


Manchester Mile Review by Mike Martineau

A big warm ‘welcome-back’ to the Manchester Mile


I can well imagine that in that great Olympic Stadium in the sky, both David Coleman and his all time athletics hero, Sydney Wooderson, are well pleased as they chew over recent developments in Manchester.  As former winners, they would both be delighted that Manchester H & AC have brought back the Manchester Mile and in memory of David who won the race in 1949.  Sydney was the first winner in 1943 and David was so proud to receive a trophy with his hero’s name on it that he admitted to me that he took it to bed with him that night.  The superb Harry Sharp Challenge Bowl had not been competed for since 1952 when it was given to Frank Evans who had won the race 3 times in succession, 1950, 1951 and 1952.  After his death his widow returned the trophy to Manchester Harriers and Wednesday 16th July at Sportcity in Manchester saw the return of this great event that used to take place at Fallowfield.


There were 103 entrants in 8 races for all ages and abilities with a great 5.01.59 performance from the host club’s Beth Barlow recently crowned under 15 Champion for 1500m at the English Schools.  It was great to see two members from David’s other club, Stockport Harriers, and their Louise Rudd, a V35, took the ladies honours with an excellent time of just 5.05.87.  Both Beth and Louise’s performances would have improved on the women’s World record in 1953.  The winner of the Bowl was Preston Harriers’ Chris Livesey who front ran for a very useful 4.19.79.


During the meeting we chatted about Sydney and whether as an amateur in 1943 he would have had to pay his own expenses to get to and from Manchester. Sydney, like me, was a past President of Blackheath Harriers and on 30 August this year we celebrate the centenary of his birth, so I was pleased to run in a Blackheath Harriers vest and delighted with the very warm reception for me and my PW (personal worst!).  All in all, it was a very worthwhile pilgrimage for me.


Well done Manchester H & AC, lets hope that after this superb rebirth, the event can be built into something great and enduring that is a fitting memorial for David Coleman and also for Sydney Wooderson.  Sydney enjoyed other trips to Fallowfield and in 1939 set a three quarters of a mile World record of 2.59.5 (I wonder whether David Coleman was there for this).  This also stood as a UK record until 1951 when Bannister, paced by Chataway, ran 2.56.6 at Motspur Park.


Mike Martineau

18 July 2014

Manchester Mile – Club results

Times for Manchester Harriers athletes competing in the Manchester Mile

Donnacha Maguire U17 M 04:44.6
Tom Taylor U17 M 04:47.9
Sam Tarry U17 M 04:48.8
Ed Fazakerley V45 M 04:50.5
Beth Barlow U15 W 05:01.6
Jonathon Stewart U20 M 05:01.9
Matt Graham U20 M 05:05.6
Ben Skertchly U15 M 05:14.1
Connor Fazakerley U15 M 05:20.6
Jonathan Reeh V35 M 05:27.0
Chris Hibbert V45 M 05:28.0
Jason Brogan V40 M 05:37.9
Chris Sewart V35 M 05:38.7
Emma Tolond SEN W 05:52.0
Sonya Hynes SEN W 05:55.5
Kev Logue SEN M 05:56.0
Graham Saunders V35 M 06:06.2
Denis Kelly V45 M 06:23.0
Mike Cunningham V65 M 06:23.2
Katie Cooper U15 W 06:25.0
Sophie Flanagan SEN W 06:27.5
Lee Mccourt V35 M 06:48.2
Caroline Baba V35 W 07:05.8
Ann McLaughlin V50 W 07:17.3
Kirsty Lyons SEN W 07:20.7
Maria Royal V55 W 07:28.0
Jo Fallows V40 W 08:21.2

Full results here

Beth Barlow’s English Schools Victory

Something special happened on Saturday and if you were lucky enough to witness it you were watching probably one of the best ever runs from Beth Barlow.

After an extremely sensational performance at the Mason Schools Trophy, she qualified with a time of 4:35.9 to run in the English schools championships representing Greater Manchester schools. Although this was a monumental achievement in itself, Beth went on to run the 1500m heats on Friday, coming in a remarkably close second place retaining her good form and resulting in a place in the English schools final.

This accomplishment was exceptional but unsurprising, acknowledging how much effort she applies in training and all of the races.

Then on Saturday (the day of the final), Beth seemed calm and prepared with her foot behind the starting line. There were 11 other competitive girls in Beth’s race, all posing a great threat. One of whom was Katie Ann McDonald, who is number 1 in the UK rankings in Beth’s age group.

The starter gun fired. The rushing stampede of talent had begun. Beth eased herself in to a great position, going off with a swift, yet comfortable pace. After the first 400m she snatched 3rd place using her competitive edge to maintain her pace.

After 800m (2 laps) a small gap had emerged but she still held 3rd place.

Then at 1100m, with just one lap remaining, Beth made progress, after retaining her energy she burst into 1st place, passing Katie Ann McDonald who also made a move in attempt to stay with Beth, both leaving 3rd place behind.

With 200m to go Beth tired slightly, allowing Katie to take the lead. Beth kicked drastically early, meaning that she would only have a limited amount of energy for the remainder of the race, but showing no sign of weakness. They entered the home straight and Beth gained on Katie.

A gap opened up in lane 1, Beth made her move. She was alongside Katie and was pulling away. With 50 meters to go Katie cut of Beth, making her lose momentum and balance, meaning Beth couldn’t pass into the lead.

Beth still finished strongly despite almost being pushed off the track and achieved a marvellous PB of (4:30.39). Although second, Beth still left the track smiling.

All was not lost as Katie was disqualified for breaking the rules. Beth had secured her position; she was first, what an amazing finish. Now Beth’s the English schools 1500m champion, she should be incredibly proud of herself.

by Sam Tarry

[There is a video of the race here: [you need to be registered (free) for VincoSport to view it.]

We Love Mcr 10k Results

Club results below:

First Name Surname Gender Position Category Category Position Chip Time Chip Position
Jason Brogan 101 M40+ 9 00:41:30 117
Jonathan Reeh 133 MOPEN 99 00:42:35 153
Chris Sewart 147 MOPEN 109 00:42:37 156
Kevin Logue 235 MOPEN 158 00:45:06 271
Graham Saunders 256 MOPEN 167 00:45:31 295
Denis Kelly 338 M45+ 35 00:47:09 412
Elaine Brogan 316 F40+ 58 00:56:05 1231
Jo Fallows 308 F40+ 57 00:58:09 1387
Rhian Maguire 566 F45+ 60 01:04:29 1821

Full results here