2018 Road Championship Results

The results of the 2018 road championships are below with Wendy Woodhead and Ed Fazakerley topping the scoreboards:

There’s still time to get your name on a 2019 trophy! Details or on the last page of the fixtures list, but roughly you have to complete at least five races out of the following:

  • Up to three 5Ks
  • One 5M
  • Up to three 10Ks
  • Up to two 10Ms
  • Up to two Half Marathons
  • Up to two Marathons
  • Plus three named races: Wilmslow Half, Swinton Ladies 5.25M and your best Sale Sizzler.

If that seems hard to follow, don’t ask me exactly how the scoring works. Sir Isaac Newton claimed he discovered the mathematics of Calculus whilst trying to advance the science of physics, but I think he was just trying to work out the MANHAC road championships scoring.

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Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 29th September

Another intensive week before a rest week next week with 10x400s and 4M Fartlek to look forward to. I must’ve missed the “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” section in our training principles.

SUNDAY 29TH – Long run
MONDAY 30TH – 5 mile steady
TUESDAY 1ST – 10 x 400 (200 jog recovery)
WEDNESDAY 2ND – 5 mile steady
THURSDAY 3RD – Fartlek 4 miles (1 mile warm up, 2 mile long short bursts, 1 mile warm down)
FRIDAY 4TH – Rest day
SATURDAY 5TH – Race or sustained run

Why? Training principles here.

Richard Wilde – Remembered

On the 24th September 2019 Richard Wilde, a highly talented yet modest life member of our club, passed away at the age of 73.

Richard Wilde 1945-2019

Richard was a Life Member of Manchester Harriers & Athletic Club serving at times on the committee as well as setting cross country courses. He had an illustrious running career but was extremely modest about his achievements and shunned publicity. He was successful over many surfaces and distances, excelling on the fells, cross country, road and indoors.

In 1970, at the European Athletics Indoor Championships in Vienna, he won Gold in the 3,000 metres with a new world record time of 7:46.85. That same year he came sixth and took Team Gold in the International Cross Country Championships. His versatility was obvious when he achieved what was to become a legendary time in the Lantern Pike fell race. He is the only person to break 30 minutes for the race. He also won the classic Fairfield Horseshoe race as well as Lyme Park, Great Hill and Edenfield – some of them in record times.

Richard Wilde 1970 European Athletics Indoor Championships, Vienna, 3000m Gold

He improved his marathon time of 2:23.04 in the 1972 Maxol Marathon to 2:14.43 when he won the 1979 Grandma’s Marathon in Minnisota, USA. Two years later he ran the same race two seconds faster, 2:14.41, finishing fourth. In 1978 he won the Paavo Nurmi Marathon in Iron County, Wisconsin, USA in 2:19.10. The hilly terrain, the humidity and the August heat contributed to the slower time but he had set a course record which stood for many years until the course was changed.

Richard Wilde 1977 setting the Lantern Pike Fell Race record of 29:12. This records still stands

Richard was in his prime in a very different era to that of today. Rather than huge sums of money, a typical prize would be a tea set. On one occasion, having won a race overseas, he was presented with a SHOTGUN which he brought home on the plane – a different era indeed!

Richard was a complex character and something of a perfectionist as he demonstrated on many occasions when setting cross country courses. His reluctance to talk about his own running, whilst regrettable for all those of us who would have loved to listen, added to his charm. He was well liked and respected and will be missed. It was a privilege to know him.

Arnold Bradshaw

Video: A.A.A. Championships 1969

Below is a highlights video of the 1969 A.A.A Championships at White City. Ricky is bib #21 finishing 3rd – at about 2 mins and 40 seconds into this video, direct link to the start here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwxbECcn6zk&feature=youtu.be&t=159

Other Articles and Tributes

Neil Shuttleworth wrote a lovely article with some insight into Ricky’s races.

Pike Racers includes him in their history of the Lantern Pike fell race.

Wikipedia has an entry.

It is with great sadness that I heard of the passing of Richard Wilde. Very much his own man and a wonderful Athlete and human being. His exploits are well documented of course and hard to imagine that behind that sometimes vague expression was a man of steely determination. I last saw him in January of this year when visiting Ron Hill, a near neighbour. After chatting for about 20 minutes in his lounge he insisted on walking back with me down the hill to Ron’s home. A caring attitude, much lacking in today’s world. Rest in peace Richard.

Stan Taylor

Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 22nd September

This week’s training. Personally I’m most looking forward to that 10 min rest on Tuesday.

Reminder: Social night on next Saturday. Details here. Get your tickets ASAP!

SUNDAY 22ND Long run
MONDAY 23 RD 5 mile steady
TUESDAY 24TH 2 sets of 400, 600, 400 (200 jog recovery) 10 min between sets
WEDNESDAY 25TH 5 miles steady
THURSDAY 26TH 5 x 5 mins turnarounds (400 between sets, 1mile warm up 1mile warm down)
FRIDAY 27TH Rest day
SATURDAY 28TH Race or sustained run

Why? Training principles here.

Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 15th September

Better late than never, week three of the winter training. Marked “intensive”.

Reminder: Social night on 28th Sept. Details here.

SUNDAY 15TH Long run
MONDAY 16TH 5 mile steady
TUESDAY 17TH 3 x 600 (400 jog recovery) 1 mile warm up, 1 mile warm down
WEDNESDAY 18TH 5 mile steady
THURSDAY 19TH Fartlek 4 miles (1 mile warm up 2 miles Fartlek, 1 mile warm down)
FRIDAY 20TH Rest day
SATURDAY 21ST Race or sustained run

Training principles are here.

Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 8th September

The first ‘easy’ week of the new training plan flew by, so here’s week two. The principles behind it are here.

Note: After training on Tue (~19.30) we’re off to the Gardener’s Arms just down the road for a brief session to discuss training needs and goals.

SUNDAY 8TH Long run
MONDAY 9TH 5 miles steady
TUESDAY 10TH 200,400,600,800,600,400,200 (same jog recovery) 1 mile warm up 1 mile warm down
WEDNESDAY 11TH 5 miles steady
THURSDAY 12TH Sustained 5 miles
FRIDAY 13TH Rest day
SATURDAY 14TH Race or easy 5 miles

Social Night

Saturday 28th September from 7pm at Didsbury Cricket Club M20 2RE

Clear a space in your trophy cabinet and dig out something other than Lycra running gear from your wardrobe: It’s time for a social night!

We’ll be doing the awards for juniors and seniors for the 18/19 cross country and 2019 track.

There’ll be a cold buffet provided and a raffle – so bring some cash – with lots of great prizes (and maybe some lousy ones too).

Cost: £8 adults, £4 kids and £20 for family of 4. Tickets on sale at training.

Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 1st September

As discussed over this summer’s training, we’ve got Malcolm to put together a more …uh… serious training plan.  The principles behind it are here and we’ll set up an evening to adapt it to everybody’s goals.  But, without waiting for that, let’s get started with week one:

SUNDAY 1ST                      Long run             

MONDAY 2ND                  5 mile steady

TUESDAY 3RD                   8 X 400mtrs (200 jog rec) 1 mile warm up / 1 mile warm down

WEDNESDAY 4TH             5 miles steady

THURSDAY 5TH                 Fartlek 4 miles (1 ml warmup, 2 miles F/L, 1 mile warm down)

FRIDAY  6TH                      Rest day

SATURDAY 7TH                 Race or sustained run

I seem to recall him saying “it starts with an easy week”.