Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 1st September

As discussed over this summer’s training, we’ve got Malcolm to put together a more …uh… serious training plan.  The principles behind it are here and we’ll set up an evening to adapt it to everybody’s goals.  But, without waiting for that, let’s get started with week one:

SUNDAY 1ST                      Long run             

MONDAY 2ND                  5 mile steady

TUESDAY 3RD                   8 X 400mtrs (200 jog rec) 1 mile warm up / 1 mile warm down

WEDNESDAY 4TH             5 miles steady

THURSDAY 5TH                 Fartlek 4 miles (1 ml warmup, 2 miles F/L, 1 mile warm down)

FRIDAY  6TH                      Rest day

SATURDAY 7TH                 Race or sustained run

I seem to recall him saying “it starts with an easy week”.

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