Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 4th Jan

Note: There are no seniors’ endurance training sessions due to current Covid rules.

We’re on week four of the Aerobic training phase of our training plan:

  • Long Run (1-2 hours, steady, relaxed “slow”)
  • 7th  – 30 mins “Out and Back”
  • 9th  – Steady 45 minute run, just below Anaerobic with jog w/u and w/d
  • Jog run (as long as possible)

“Out and back” is:

  1. Warm-up for a mile or so.
  2. Run “out” for 15 mins at a comfortably fast pace – you should still be able to talk for 30s
  3. Run “back” at a slightly faster pace. You should get back to the start in about 14min 30s
  4. Warm down for a mile or so

Choose a relatively flat route – running “back” downhill is missing the point!


Winter training guidelines are here.

  • 4 days a week
  • 5 phases
  • Each phase focusses on a key strength: Aerobic, Strength, Anaerobic, Integration of phases and Preparation for races.
  • Builds in a base for races in the Spring and Summer.

Phase 1 – Aerobic

  • 10-12 weeks
  • Objective: Develop the Aerobic capacity of the athlete as a foundation to later apply Anaerobic stimuli.
  • In this phase you CANNOT run to slowly, but it is possible to run to fast.
  • Recovery is as important as running.

You should be able to talk for 30s whilst running- slow down or take recovery if you can’t.

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