2019 Road Championship – Awards

We didn’t manage to get together for an awards night this year. A few of the winners did get together for a picture:

Lindsey, Debbie and Maria


  • Lindsey Farrelly – Women’s Champion,
  • Wendy Woodhead – 1st FV35,
  • Maria Royal – 1st FV60,
  • Debbie Beresford – 1st FV50
  • Mark Jones – Men’s Champion,
  • Maurice Oldham – 1st MV65,
  • Craig Turner – 1st MV50,
  • Kevin Dillon – 1st MV60
  • Arnold Bradshaw – 1st MV70.

Given the lack of races this year we’re rolling the 2020 and 2021 Senior Road Race Championships into one so any races you did manage will still count. Rules here: Senior Road Running Championship

2019 Calculations below.

Virtual Stockport 10

A fair few of us do the Stockport 10M each year. Quite why we get up on a Sunday morning in early December to race a tough 10 mile route in often grim weather, I don’t know. Maybe it’s the friendly atmosphere of the race, maybe it’s the varied course, maybe it’s simply to work of the affects of the Christmas party season?

This year it was virtual. So we did it in a few groups, across two weekends and – I think – enjoyed it.

Full results here, but a special mention to Dave Walmsley for winning the V50 category.

Finished. Yes, it was cold.

Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 21st Dec

Tue 22nd is the last session at Wythenshawe of 2020. Back on Jan 5th. See here for various runs planed over the break.

Our new Winter training guidelines are here. It’ll be a little different.

  • 4 days a week
  • 5 phases
  • Each phase focusses on a key strength: Aerobic, Strength, Anaerobic, Integration of phases and Preparation for races
  • Builds in a base for races in the Spring and Summer.

Phase 1 – Aerobic

  • 10-12 weeks
  • Objective: Develop the Aerobic capacity of the athlete as a foundation to later apply Anaerobic stimuli.
  • In this phase you CANNOT run to slowly, but it is possible to run to fast.

You should be able to talk for 30s whilst running- slow down or take recovery if you can’t.

Week 2

  1. Long Run (1-2 hours, depending on wax possible, steady, relaxed “slow”)
  2. Tue 22nd   30 mins “Out and Back”
  3. Steady 45 minute run, just below Anaerobic with jog w/u and w/d
  4. Jog run (as long as possible)

The “out and back” is a high-end aerobic run:

  1. Warm-up briefly.
  2. Run at a comfortably fast pace.
  3. Take your split at half way and the final time at the finish.
  4. Compare the times for each half.

The out and back times should be the same.

Christmas Training 2020

Christmas Break

Wythenshawe Track: Last session is Tue 22nd Dec. First session back is Tue 5th Jan

Sportscity: First session back is Mon 4th Jan

No youngsters training is available unless specified by your coach

Carl’s Group

A few sessions and Heaton Mersey Bowl, Vernon Park and Gatley Hill. Details

Debbie’s Group

All seniors of all abilities welcome regardless of who you usually train with! Each session roughly one hour and not too intense – we’re aiming for fun.

Thursday  24th Dec – XMAS EVE RUN – From Maria’s at 9am.  Steady and a social run, on and off road (will avoid any mud). Set us up for Christmas Day.
Saturday 26th Dec – BOXING DAY RUN –  Vernon Park/Woodbank Park – Steady run in the park from 10am, so you can have a lie in!
Sunday 27th Dec – 9 am meet at Lyme Park – Boars Head Car Park, Poynton, steady run in the park
Monday 28th Dec – William Scholes playing field, Gatley – 10am steady run. Maybe round Abney Hall.
Wednesday 30th Dec – Heaton Mersey Bowl, 10am- Meet at Lindsey’s house.

The rest have been cancelled due to Tier 4 restrictions.

Thursday 31st December – 9am steady run at 9am from Maria’s. Hope u all can make before we see the New Year in later

Saturday 2nd Jan– 8.30am Session at Styal Mill – 600m to 800m looped relay sessions in groups of four.  Great speed/Short Hill and stamina training.  Similar to Steve McCall’s session earlier in the year. Meet at Ship Inn Car Park 8.30am – max 1.5 hours. Steady warm up first all abilities welcome to come along and give it a go. Suitable for everyone- let me know if coming so we can sort teams! 
Sunday 3rd January – 10am Vernon Park – Maybe a hill session if Malcolm is free, if not a steady run.

Contact Debbie for more details.

Christmas Handicap and Sports Personality of the Year

The annual handicap race is cancelled and the Sports Personality of the Year awards that usually happens after is postponed. We’ll do a combined 2020-2021 award next year.

Christmas Training – Carl’s Group

Training times and locations for Carl’s group over the next couple of weeks:

Thursday 24 9am – Heaton Mersey bowl

Saturday 26 10am- Vernon park (lower car park)

Monday 28 10am – William Scholes fields (Gatley)

Wednesday 30 10am – Heaton Mersey bowl

Friday 1 12 noon – Heaton Mersey bowl

Sunday 3 10am – Vernon park (lower car park)

Contact number: 07462 902326

Heaton Mersey Bowl
Vernon Park
Scholes Field / Gatley Hill

Covid, lockdown and staying in touch

It is our statutory role that our children and young people continue to be protected and supported through these difficult times. This protection extends to all members of our club. Many people have experienced the effects of lockdown; particularly loneliness, lack of physical contact with friends, family & peers, and the boredom and frustration associated with missing out on activities.

Athletics attracts people of all ages and from all backgrounds. I noted back in March that there was an unprecedented rush to buy shiny new bikes and gym equipment for those that could afford it. Please have serious thoughts to those who were not able to adjust their training routines due to a lack of funds, space or both. Those who attend cross country races or weekly park runs have missed the social aspect and camaraderie generated especially at these events but also at all other races. 

Please seek the help available should you need it by using the links provided below. These are difficult times for many of us, and it is okay to ask for support, so please don’t suffer in silence.

If you have any concerns about any member’s safety, please inform me. Equally if you have concerns about your own well being please get in touch If you believe they are in immediate danger please contact the police.

Organisations that may help are:

Dave Wood, Welfare officer


Fixtures Update

Our training sessions at Wythenshawe and Sportcity are back – with restrictions: Members from Greater Manchester only and please contact their coach before attending. Note: Social Distancing still applies.

The latest update to the fixtures list is below. The Xmas Handicap, and Manchester Area, GM and Primary Schools’ XC are all regrettably cancelled but we remain hopeful for the track and field events later in the year. Also, we’re rolling the 2020 and 2021 Senior Road Race Championships into one. Details below.

Training Update – We’re back!

Hi Athletes, Parents, Coaches and helpers

It has been a while since my last update, as you will be aware the Government announced the current lockdown will end Wed 2nd Dec and we are then in Tier 3. I have been liaising with Manchester City Council on venue access and currently both Wythenshawe Track and Manchester Regional Athletic Arena (Sportcity);

Sportcity Manchester – all those athletes who train on Mon/Weds from 7pm with Mikey, Ian, Kes, Lance, Amari and Jack, training is back on from Weds 2nd Dec. Please liaise with your coach before turning up at training as they will update you on sessions. Same training costs apply as prior to lockdown.

Wythenshawe training – Commences on Thursday 3rd December from 6pm to 7pm, then regular sessions Tuesday/Thursday 6pm to 7pm. Please note if you do not have a training pass it is £1 per session to train for all members, please bring it with you. 
It is important that all athletes liaise with their coaches prior to arrival as we must be aware who is arriving for training due to ratio’s, especially for the younger athletes.  Adult groups may need to train off track if numbers are higher in some groups, as we want to have the younger athletes on the track where possible for safety.


All Indoor Athletics, Road Races and Cross Country leagues/events have been cancelled until further notice.  Please liaise with your coach on any competition as they will be able to advise you.

Take care and stay safe, if you have any queries do contact me.

So pleased to have you all back training,

Regards Debbie

Debbie Beresford
Girls Team Secretary
Manchester Harriers & A.C.

Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 23rd Nov

Training sessions at Wythenshawe are cancelled until lockdown rules change to allow them again.

We can still train though. You can meet up with one other person for exercise outdoors, so it might be more motivating to meet up with someone for these sessions.

Tuesday 24th 4mile Tempo (85% effort) half mile warm up half mile warm down

Thursday 26th 1600m, 1200m, 800m, 400m (x2) 200 jog recovery, 400m jog between sets OR 6min, 4min, 3min, 2min (x2) 2min jog recovery, 5 min jog between sets

Long run    10 -12 mile

Nominal mileage    23