Fixtures Update

Our training sessions at Wythenshawe and Sportcity are back – with restrictions: Members from Greater Manchester only and please contact their coach before attending. Note: Social Distancing still applies.

The latest update to the fixtures list is below. The Xmas Handicap, and Manchester Area, GM and Primary Schools’ XC are all regrettably cancelled but we remain hopeful for the track and field events later in the year. Also, we’re rolling the 2020 and 2021 Senior Road Race Championships into one. Details below.

Fixtures Update

The Coronavirus situation has lightened a little….. our usual track training is still suspended but there’s hope that some form of formal training will resume soon.

We’ve had a few queries around fixtures that we’re competing in, hosting or assisting with. In short, no events are being run until late September at the earliest – and even those are subject to change. Full details below.

Given the lack of available races and some named ones being cancelled for 2020, we’ve also changed the rules of our Senior Road Race Championship. Again, details below.

Latest Fixtures

Looking towards spring and into summer there’s a lot going on. Take a look.

There’s a new event: MHAC Club Paarlauf on Thur 26th March – a continuous relay where teams of two take it in turns to run 200m to complete a fixed distance. It’s a classic, fun form of competition that supports a Spring training program.

Dates for all the events we’re competing in, hosting or assisting over the next few months below.