Conditioning for Endurance Runners

Malcolm Plant

A basic cycle of exercises not requiring apparatus

Attempt a continuous roll from one exercise to the next. Speed is not a requirement but attempt to correctly execute the action. Avoid aggressive motion.

One or two sets with 3 minutes between sets:

1LegsStep ups x 10 for each lead leg (two steps)
Straight back. As an addition use arm action.      
2GeneralStar Jumps x 10
Squat, hands behind feet, spring up with legs apart, return to start position.
3Arms / AbdominalPress ups x 10
Straight body, body contact with floor. Progress by migrating hand position  further under torso.
4AbdominalLeg raises 5 x 30 sec
Lie flat on back, arms at the side, legs together 15cm off ground, hold for 30 secs, rest approx. 30 secs, repeat
5LegsSquat Thrusts x10
Starting press- up position, bring legs forward to the arms, return to start position, repeat
6GeneralBurpees x10
Start in press up position, legs forward to arms, jump up into the air, on landing shoot legs back into start position.
7AbdominalChinnies x 20 
Lie on back, sit up twisting torso so that one knee touches opposite elbow. Hand behind head, return to start position.
Alternate rotation of torso  

Remember: Hills = Weight Training for endurance runners, so exploit any well met hill using high knee lift and arms to drag yourself up.