Hill/Fell Training. Extra session this Wednesday 3rd September.

We had a great run on Wednesday, after refreshment in the Boars Head it was agreed we would do one more session before the darkness sets in!!! The sessions are to help you with hills – how to run up and down a hill well, plus how to get used to trails and off road running.
Final Session – September 3rd. 
You can run in trainers, trail shoes, walshies, fell shoes or similar, please bring a drink & waterproof with you, plus if you need a lift let Debbie know and I will either give you a lift or find you one where I can.
If you are coming along please drop me an email or text so we look out for you!! IT IS FREE and will prepare you for the Cross Country season or some trail races or even a fell race if feeling adventurous.
Dave Wood has advised the best place to meet/park is near to the Boars head Pub in Poynton. There is free parking diagonally opposite or parking in a lay by.This allows a one mile jog to the main car park at Lyme park.I thought we could then run the route of the 5km park run.This involves a climb up to the cage,a good runnable descent and a slow climb back to the start with the jog back to parking spot this should give us about sixmiles of running with time to admire the views.

The Boars Head

2 Shrigley Rd N
Stockport, Cheshire East SK12 1TE
Remember if you need a lift let Debbie know.
A couple of photos of last weeks run below, though not much evidence of any actual running
2014-08-27 20.24.39
2014-08-27 20.24.17
2014-08-27 20.24.33

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