Weekend Results

New York Marathon, 2nd November

Ed Fazakerley ran a windy New York Marathon in 2:50:41

Ed’s splits are here and some photos here

Full results here

Langley 7, 1st Novmeber

Well done to Maurice Oldham who came first in V60 category.

Pos. Name Time
44 Maurice Oldham 47:01
229 Steve McCall 1:01:42
243 Alyson Adams 1:03:11
276 Tony Brady 1:10:22

Full results here


Cheshire 10k, Arley Hall, 2nd November

Pos. Name Time
58 Matthew Crimes 00:36:51
113 Jason Brogan 00:40:15
210 Graham Saunders 00:43:44
218 Sonya Hynes 00:43:48


Full results here

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