Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 4.4.2022

This week our technical focus is on foot drive, i.e., maximising the force pushing us forwards when our foot is on the ground rather than pushing us up.

From a fitness perspective we’re still focusing on the longer races (half marathon and marathon) so we’re looking to increase Lactate Threshold; a relatively easy way to boost Lactate Threshold is training in sweet spot which is a point around 90% of threshold.

Suggested Drills for the week

Straight Leg Run

High Cadence ‘fall’ into run – Start by jogging on the spot, increase the running cadence until running fast then lean forwards and allow the jog on spot to naturally turn into a run. Aim to lean forward from the ankle and not the hips.

Heels Up running – run while exaggerating the lift of your foot towards your bottom, ensure you are driving the knee forwards.

Strides while imagining a balloon tied to your head and lifting it up.

Strides while focusing on drive the ground backwards.

Tuesday Session

5 minutes warm-up, 10 minutes effort, 5 minutes easy, 15 minutes effort, 5 minutes easy, 10 minutes effort, 5 minutes easy. Efforts should be slightly slower than half-marathon pace.

Thursday Session

5 minutes easy

Straight Leg Run

High Cadence ‘fall’ into run

Heels Up running

20 minutes sweet-spot (slightly slower than half-marathon pace) with a surge on the last 50m of every lap.

Strides (Extended Session)


Sunday Session

Fast Finish Long Run – Last 5-10km (3-6 miles) at next goal race pace

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