Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 20.6.2022

This week I will be using the Thursday session to look at everyone’s form and, with their consent, do some video analysis with a view to determining which technical areas to work on over the next few weeks. Additionally we will be doing some pacing challenges. Hopefully, this time no minor domestic catastrophes will interfere…

We’ll be continuing with the 5x1km theme ready for the first Sizzler next week.

Tuesday Session

10 minutes warm-up

5 TIMES: 6 minutes @ 10km race pace, 2 minutes super easy running as recovery

10 minutes cool-down

Thursday Session

5 minutes warm-up

Observed strides

5x1km @ 5km race pace 60 seconds rest

5 minutes cool down

Sunday Session

Minimum of 10 minutes warm up

Find a hill suitable for at least two minutes of effort but ideally three, then run 6 to 8 intervals starting steady and accelerating to the maximum effort you feel possible by about half way up the hill, sustain that to the top. Walk down the hill until your breathing returns to normal, then jog down to the starting point.

You may notice that most weeks at the moment include a hill set – hill sets are great for; reducing overstriding, building strength and doing high effort aerobic work with low(er) injury risk.

At least 10 minutes cool down

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