Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 11.7.2022

Our technical focus this week is still making sure the knee is flexed prior to the foot striking the ground.

There is no Wythenshawe session this week due to the Sale Sizzler, but our week’s trainng will be built around that.


Straight leg, ball of foot taps



Strides; focusing on pulling the ground backwards

Tuesday Session

If doing the Sizzler – Easy run with 3x 90 seconds at 5km pace with plenty of recovery in between them.

If not doing the Sizzler – 10 mins warm-up, 4x 8 minutes at 10km pace with 2 minutes recovery, 10 mins cool-down

Thursday Session

Sale Sizzler


Solo 5km TT – do a solid 20 minute warm-up including some drills from above. Then use the following as a pacing guide (where 1 is a perceived effort (PE) of walking, 3 is a chatty run, 7 is quick but still able to speak in short sentences and 10 is chest burning, ready to vomit hard and 11 is sprinting as if being chased by a bear) – run the first 1km at PE of 7, build from 7 to 10 in the second km and then hold 10 for the remainder of the 5km effort (if you need to vomit, pause your watch and make sure to use the side of the trail).

Sunday Session

Long* run; start easy (able to hold a conversation) and in the last 30 minutes progress steadily from that pace to your 10km pace.

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