Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 25.7.2022

Our technical focus is on arm drive this week; using the momentum of your arms to counter the momentum of your trailing leg and thus making sure your energy is being used to go straight forwards.

We continue our focus on improving VO2 Max using Tabata style interval sets – we practiced getting the pacing right last Thursday, this Tuesday is time to nail all 4 efforts.

Suggested Drills for the week

A-March while focusing on the arm drive

Jump Lunge with arms

High Cadence running on the spot then lean forward from the ankle until you ‘fall’ into a run

Strides – alternate: imagine a helium balloon attached to your head lifting your head and torso up and make your out breath long and drop your shoulders as you breath out

Tuesday Session

10 mins easy warm up

4 minutes of run fast* for a count of 20 breaths, walk for 10 breaths (repeating this cycle for 4 minutes) THEN full recovery including some easy running.

* fast – this should be a reasonably smooth acceleration to your maximum pace. By the end of the 4 minutes it will feel EXTREMELY challenging.

REPEAT the above four times

10 mins Cool Down

For background see here.

Thursday Session

NO SESSION due to Sale Sizzler

Sunday Session

At least 10 minutes warm up

Find a hill that takes 3 minutes to run up then do 6 repeats (walking back down) – pace is meaningless on a hill so aim for a perceived effort of 8 out of 10

10 minutes cool down

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