Primary Schools Cross Country League – Venue Change



Start area close to the Wythenshawe Park Athletics Track.

The League is still free to all schools.

We have been running the League for more than 40 years with about 350 runners enjoying each meeting.

Schools receive results by email after each meeting and full results at the end of the Season.

For more information contact Debbie Beresford on 07977 203478 or email

Northern Athletics Cross Country Relay Championships 2014 Results

The under 13 s and under 15s girls teams both came third in North of England Cross Country relays today. Both teams ran well with under 13s close to winning but lost out by a few seconds.
The Boys under 15s team came 8th and also ran really well.
Teams were:
U13s  Alice Stiles Grace de Campos Georgia Fazakerley
U15s   Beth Barlow  Eleanor Kenny  Emily Hughes
U15 Boys  Ben Skertchly  Connor Fazakerley Matty Fox

Full results here

Junior Awards 2014

Some photos of the winners here

Cross Country 2013/14

Girls  Section

Under  11s- 1st  Georgia Fazakerley

2nd  Emma Davies

3rd Lousia Stiles

Under  13s- 1st  Eleanor Kenny

2nd   Alice Stiles

3rd Grace De Campos

Under 15s – 1st Beth Barlow

Most Improved Girl Athlete- Emily Hughes

Boys Section

Under 9’s – 1st Rory Smyth

2nd William Holmes

Under 11s – 1st  James Skertchley

Under 13s – 1st    Connor Fazakerley

Under 15s – 1ST Sam Tarry

2ND Ben Skertchley

3RD Matty Fox

Most Improved Boy Athlete – Sam Tarry

Track and Field 2014

Girls Section

Under 11 Girls  Louisa Stiles   2nd  Sprints, Middle Distance & Jumps

Under 11 Girls  Evelyn Barber  1st Sprints, Middle Distance & Throws

Under 11 Girls Emma Davies  1st Jumps, 3rd Middle Distance and Sprints

Multi-Event Winner  Evelyn Barber

Under 13 Girls    Grace De Campos  1st Middle Distance & Horizontal Jumps, 2nd Vertical Jumps

Under 13 Girls    Alice Stiles   1st Vertical Jumps, 2nd Middle Distance

Under 13 Girls    Katie Moss  2nd Sprints & Horizontal Jumps

Under 13 Girls    Lydia Butt  3rd Throws

Under 13 Girls    Beth Smyth  1st Sprints & 3rd Middle Distance

Under 13 Girls   Georgia Fazakerley   2nd Throws

Under 13 Girls    Beth Taylor   1st Throws & 3rd Sprints

Multi-Event Winner    Alice Stiles

Under 15 Girls   Rebecca Hopley 2nd Sprints

Under 15 Girls  Emily Hughes   2nd Middle Distance

Under 15 Girls  Beth Barlow  1st Middle Distance

Under 15 Girls   Katie Cooper  1st Sprints & 3rd Jumps

Under 15 Girls  Megan Taylor  1st Throws

Under 15 Girls  Alicia Brogan  1st Vertical Jumps, 2nd Horizontal Jumps and 3rd Middle Distance.

Under 15 Girls  Zoe Morrissey   2nd Throws

Under 15 Girls  Chloe Davies   3rd Sprints

Multi-Event Winner  Alicia Brogan

Boys Section

Under 9 Boys  William Holmes   1st Sprints, Middle Distance, Throws & Jumps

Multi-Event Winner  Williams Holmes

Under 11 Boys  Rory Smyth 1st Sprints, Middle Distance, Throws & Jumps

Multi-Event Winner  Rory Smyth

Under 13 Boys  Frankie Fox      1st Sprints, Middle Distance and Jumps

Under 13 Boys  Adam Critten     1st Throws, 2nd Sprints & Middle Distance

Under 13 Boys  Rhys Morrissey     2nd Throws

Under 13 Boys  Matt Cooper     2nd Jumps & 3rd Throws

Under 13 Boys  James Skertchley     3rd Middle Distance

Multi-Event Winner  Frankie Fox

Under 15 Boys   Ethan Hartley     3rd Sprints & Jumps

Under 15 Boys   Matty Fox    1st Middle Distance

Under 15 Boys   Connor Fazakerley   1st Jumps & 3rd Middle Distance

Under 15 Boys   Ben Skertchley    2nd Middle Distance & 3rd Throws

Under 15 Boys   Stephen Armstrong    2nd Sprints & Jumps

Under 15 Boys   Sammy Warne    1st Sprints & 2nd Throws

Multi-Event Winner  Ethan Hartley