Black Knights Charge Wed 23rd July

7 ladies from Manchester Harriers completed the trail run around Daisy Nook park, lovely trails, lots of hills, off road sections and a really great route. The results were
Sonya Hynes  13th lady 50.16min came 87th
Alyson Adams 3rd lady vet 45,  56.58min  came 135th
Debbie Beresford 4th lady vet 45, 58.14min came 141st
Jodie Norton 40th lady, 59.32min came 149th
Kathryn Holmes 5th Lady vet 45, 59.41min came 151st
Maria Royal 2nd lady 55, 1:01:21min came 159th
Tracy Livesey 8th vet 45 lady, 1:04:24min came 166th (with a very bad back)

Great run by all and hot pot at the finish.
Well done

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