Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 5th January

New year, new decade, new training plan. Malcolm has generously given us an easy week to prepare us for the cross country at Tatton Park on Saturday:

SUNDAY 5th Long run
MONDAY 6th 5 mile steady
TUESDAY 7th 200/400/600/800/600/400/200 (200m jog rec) 1mile warm up 1mile warm down
WEDNESDAY 8th 5 miles steady
THURSDAY 9th 3 miles easy Fartlek (strides) 1mile warn up 1mile warm down
FRIDAY 10th Rest day

The January schedule builds on the platform and training cycle applied in December. This form of Winter work will evolve slowly through February. More “radical” changes targeted at track aims will start to be introduced during March.

On some sessions a small element of speed continues but this is limited at this time of the year. The emphasis for most of the group at this stage of the year are longer races and cross country.

The mileage (if fully followed) is the same at 30 – 35+ miles / week but this will vary from runner to runner. We will need to assess each athlete’s ability (desire) to follow the mileage component but for most the two faster group sessions together with a longer run and a race/ tempo (park) run will be sufficient to ensure progress and improvement.

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