Seniors’ Endurance Spring Training

Some good suggestions for training within the current official guidelines below. Keep safe and keep reminding yourself that maintaining two meter distancing is more important than maintaining pace.

Spring Training Guide

Malcolm writes

We are in an environment that provides a few obstacles to training with no access to the track and the absence of purpose and focus provided by races.

As mentioned previously, early Spring very often signifies the end of the winter training period so a small phase of recovery is required and normal. 

Athletes very often enter into the Spring and Summer periodisation phase with either a track or road race plan. Hence the following suggestions provide two strategies.

The following guide assumes solo training on road or parkland.

It also assumes 2 key sessions a week supplemented by general steady runs of 30 – 45 minutes. The repetitions in the Spring and Summer will include shorter recoveries and a lower number of runs. We have the opportunity to increase the recovery period between “harder sessions” to a minimum of three days. As the Tuesday/ Thursday focus has been removed we can roll the days and weeks into a continuum so these sessions can be fitted into our opportunities to train at least until restrictions are lifted.

To support training during this special period it would be useful for each athete to identify the following:

  •  A decent hill, as steep as possible (not vertical!) of a length of 50m – 400m (you would be lucky to find one of these)
  • A clear running course of between 800m – 1600m, accuracy not so important as it will be the time trial course so distance consistency more important.
  • Define a set of core exercises, planks, press-ups, hopping etc.

It is necessary to apply a watch or to estimate required distances, again consistency trumps accuracy. 

For clarification or if you have any good ideas drop Malcolm, Debbie or Chris a line.

Training Plan Structure

For simplicity alternate A and B sessions from the lists below (to enhance variety and enjoyment don’t feel to guilty if you “steal” a session).

Shorter Track Focus (800m – 3000m)


  • 8x 400m 1min recovery between reps (90 -120 seconds per effort)
  • 6 – 8 hard fast hill runs (50 – 100m) jog back recovery. 1mile warm up / 1mile warn down    
  • 6x 300m followed by 2x 200m all 90% race pace (i.e. hard)
  • 800m Time Trial, timed. 1 mile warm up / I mile warm down
  • 10 -15x half a football field perimeter fast, jog across pitch recovery (this can be creatively modified to suit circumstances and opportunities)


  • 4 miles Fartlek    1 mile warm up, 2 miles fartlek or short and longer sprints, 1mile warm down
  • Tempo run 2 – 3 miles at 85% effort (0.5mile acceleration at start and 0.5mile deceleration at end
  • 800m Time Trial, timed. 1 mile warm up / I mile warm down. Full pace.
  • The Fartlek and Tempo runs can be repeated. The Time trial can be run once a month.
  • 3 x 5min turnarounds, 50 – 100m strides 

Longer Road Race Focus (5k+)


  • 5 x 1000m 2min rec between runs.  At 5k Race pace. 1 mile warm up/down
  • 6 x 800m 2min rec between runs. At 5k Race pace, 1 mile warm up/down
  • 6 – 8 Long Hill runs (fast efforts), as long as possible, jog back recovery


  • 6 mile Fartlek, long efforts with some short bursts 
  • Long Tempo run 5 – 6 miles  85% effort (0.5 mile acceleration at start and 0.5 mile deceleration at end
  • 1600m Time Trial, timed. 1 mile warm up / I mile warm down. Full pace.

The Fartlek and Tempo runs can be repeated. The Time trial can be run once a month.

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