Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 5th April

Tuesday – 5 mile steady run with gradual acceleration over the final 2mile to finish at 5K race pace (for final 800m)


  • 5 x 2 mins (2 min jog recovery) 3k pace covering approx. 500m. Breathing indicator: strong, deep and steady, difficult to talk.
  • 2 x 50m fast (walk back/long full recovery).
  • 1 mile warm up / 1 mile warm down.

This is not intended to be an intense anaerobic session, as soon as the runs start to become distressful end the session.

Sunday – 10-12 mile

Also – one or two steady easy runs over 30 minutes


This schedule again focuses on 5k/10k conditioning. It is assumed that target races will not occur before the end of the Summer.

Your aerobic base will have developed well over the lockdown and it is now time to introduce some strength through hill and some threshold intervals. Hill sessions are important and will be arranged.

Mileage Target 40+ maintaining a strong aerobic content. Weekly mileage is presented as an example, however individual athlete norms can be discussed.

It is advised to include 1-2 steady easy runs over 30 minutes every 7 days.

All track and interval sessions should include a minimum of 1mile w/u and 1mile w/d.

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