Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 11th May

Tuesday 11th

6 x 3 mins at 5k effort. 4 min jog/easy run recovery.

Thursday 6th

6 x 1000m at 80% effort. 3 mins recovery

3 x 50m strides (full recovery, 3 mins)

Saturday/Sunday         60+ min easy run


This schedule again focuses on 5k/10k conditioning. Details here.

This plan continues to assume that each week includes a long (1hr – 2hr) very easy run – nominally on Saturday or Sunday. These runs are required for the develop of aerobic systems. Mileage can be as much as practical but essentially at easy or jog pace. Pace is not a good indicator of benefit, feeling is.

It is advised to include 1-2 steady easy runs over 30 minutes during every 7 days.

Please book your sessions here: Tuesday Thursday

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