Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 6th Sept

Tuesday 7th

40 minutes variable effort Fartlek

Thursday 9th

5 x 800m (3 k effort), 2 min rec

3 x 50m fast, full recovery

Saturday 3ml tempo run

Sunday Long 60+ minute easy run


This schedule again focuses on 5k/10k conditioning. Details here.

This phase continues to assume that each week includes a long (1hr – 2hr) very easy run – nominally on Saturday or Sunday. In addition to this a park run tempo run on Saturday is assumed.

Milage can be assumed to be as much as practical but essentially at easy or jog pace, pace is not a good indicator of benefit, feeling is. These runs are required for the develop of aerobic systems 

It is advised to include 1-2 steady easy runs over 30 minutes during every 7 days. 

All track and interval sessions should include a minimum of 1mile w/u and 1mile w/d

It is assumed that on Thursday there will be an opportunity to use the track. Tuesday will allow more path and field terrain. These sessions can be transposed.

Pace indicators:

  • 10K 50mins 8min/mile
  • 55mins 8.50min/mile

This is a pace at which it is difficult to hold a conversation

  • 5k 20-22mins 6.30-7min/mile
  • 3k 12.00min 800m in 3.12mins
  • 14.00min 800m in 3.44min

Please book your sessions here: Tuesday Thursday

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