Seniors’ Endurance Training w/c 3rd November

Note: No training at Wythenshawe on Tue – there’s a Bonfire Night event on in the park.

It’s a recovery week before we hit the next Manchester League Cross Country on Saturday.

SUNDAY 3 RD 6 mile run
MONDAY 4 TH 3 miles steady
TUESDAY 5TH No training at Wythenshawe, but you can try 3 x 600 easy reps with a 400m jog recovery on your own if you like!
WEDNESDAY 6TH 3 miles steady
THURSDAY 7TH Easy, relaxed 3 mile fartlek (1 mile w/u 1 mile strides, 1 mile w/d)
FRIDAY 8TH Rest day
SATURDAY 9TH Manchester League Cross Country

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